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New Arrival


Project One

A theme based farm house designed for a small family to enjoy their vacations.

Theme used is Spanish Colonial as it provides luxury with an old touch of transformed colonial elements with a transformation in colour and style. Differntiation in elements was made according to whats major and whats minor (element).


- Red Shingles
- Double height ceiling in any part of entry
-4,6,9 Lite colonial windows
- Covered entry
- A stair case with the entry
- Mostly 3 bedrooms on the 1st floor.
- Stair area punched out with a body full of windows.
- Patio
- Pool
- Drop off
- Small plantation area for crops
- Exposed wooden beams

Project Two

A Low cost housing society for differnt people belonging to different living standards.

A set of 3 and 5 marla houses for lower higher, lower middle and middle class plus appartments for the same set of

Low Cost Approach:
For providing people a low cost housing with the same standards in a small area we further used some costruction
techniques which further helped for a low cost good living.
Some simple construction techniques used are:
- Thinning of concrete in columns and slab where used 2” was reduced to 1” each side for reduction of cost.
- Minimum RCC rods used to stable the structure. Min spacing 6”x8” in a RCC mesh.
- Minimum RCC Rings used just for the stability of structure and to reduce the totai cost.

Live Projects


The projects were designed after discussing it with the client to know his/her prefrences. The goal was to design sensitively and sensibly keeping in mind the client preferences but giving the residences the latest and modest spark of
Contemproary Architecture.

The residences included 2 Kanal, 1 Kanal and mostly 10 Maras. i
The locations were mostly some housing societies of Peshawar, Pakistan and some of Islamabad, Pakistan.

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